About Us.

Dr. Sara Soffer

Sara is the driving force behind MathInfusion.com. Her academic record includes CalTech, Notre Dame and Harvard (speakership on "Calculus Education").
Currently, Sara is a "Teaching Professor" at Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey.

As early as 2006, Sara pioneered the production of high-quality "Online Calculus videos". These videos were viewed by thousands of Rutgers students of "Math 135", "Math 151" and "Math 152" courses.

Sara is also renowned for her effective teaching technique which yields excellent grades. Consequently, her students’ higher grades stand out repeatedly, each and every year, over 20 years in a row!

Sara is a prolific and regular contributor to Rutgers Math Dept. Her main contributions are in the area of creating material, organizing and revising the large Calculus courses, training the math tutors and mentoring other calculus educators.

With her passion to calculus and teaching, Sara sets the "Gold Standard" in modern "Calculus Education".

Early in her career as a researcher, Sara published works in Graph Theory and co-authored a break-through, widely-cited paper, with Alexei Vazquez, on Real Networks.

In her "other life" Sara is a mom, an accomplished artist, a music lover, and an avid open water swimmer.