About COLS®

COLS new revolutionary system teaching Single Variable Calculus. Learn for the price of a private lesson

About COLS®

COLS® is your "One-Stop-Shop" for learning single variable calculus!

COLS® is a new revolutionary system teaching Single Variable Calculus.

It is a virtual classroom experience which makes the difference between passing or failing one of the most critical college courses which has a high failing rates.

Since Calculus is a prerequisite to many other courses, students should aim to pass the course on the first time and even better, with a high grade. In many institutions, failing Calculus results in postponing graduation, which should be avoided because of today's high college tuitions.

This product helps students make the transition from high school to college smoother by helping in one of the most demanding courses.

It is like having a tutor 24 hours a day, for the price of one (or few) tutoring sessions.

  • Large preparation chapter, where all concepts are introduced with emphasis on clearing common misconceptions and mistakes.
  • Teaches Calculus Step-By-Step as a GPS for math.
  • Explanations are in context, exactly where they are relevant, with very few words.
  • Builds all concepts from scratch.
  • Emphasize understanding and encourage thinking.
  • Unique “Be Careful” sections, based on practical experience, to guide students on “how to avoid common mistakes.”
  • Numerous examples incrementally increase in difficulty.
  • Uses charts and flow charts where possible.
  • Flexible content that can be used for any level of Calculus.
  • One undivided screen contains all.
  • Color coded.
  • No background noises and no hand written material.
  • Distraction and clutter free.
  • We are green! Completely Paperless System! MathInfusion Green Logo